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Reverse mortgages in Utah – A message from Legend Financial Services

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are ready for 2014!  As your mortgage lender, I want to let you know what is possible today and what changes are coming that will affect our ability to borrow money. Remodeling Since the crash in 2008, mortgage guidelines have been restricted.  Pulling cash out […]

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TESTIMONIAL LEGEND REVERSE MORTGAGE Reverse Mortgage Utah – Testimonial of Reverse Mortgage in Utah. Mark Hammond is president of the We Help Seniors Network, a group of professionals that serve seniors in many different ways. He speaks regularly to groups, participates in “Professionals for Seniors,” and serves as an ambassador for the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce. Mark has […]

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Reverse Mortgage for Seniors in Salt Lake City

  Reverse Mortgage for Seniors in Salt Lake CitY How do you begin to learn about a reverse mortgage? You contact a reverse mortgage professional at a lender who specializes in these loans. Reverse Mortgage Process: Present you with a full range of reverse mortgage products that are available from his/her company;   Explain the […]

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